"More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers - Seduction"
By:  Melissa and Cathy

John had come to know the ER staff well.  He knew that Susan Lewis had a completely screwed-up family, that Mark Greene adored his daughter, but was married to a total bitch, that Benton had a heart of ice, except when it came to his mother.  Carol Hathaway was about to get married and get her life back on track, but there was still some weird electricity between her and Doug Ross.  Jerry, the desk clerk, was a hypochondriac who still lived with his mother; Haleh was a part-time blues singer.

They'd let him in on all these things, but he'd had to pay the price of being a victim of the occasional prank.  John thought that had ended a while back, but now he wasn't so sure.  The looks Doug had given him tonight...John would be sure Doug was coming on to him if he didn't know better.  Doug Ross was the most heterosexual man on earth, so if he was flirting with John, it had to be some kind of bizarre joke.

Earlier that day, they had both been at loose ends, so Doug suggested that they shoot some hoops, then stop off at his neighborhood bar for a beer.  Neither of them was in the mood to play - and Doug said he'd whip Carter's ass anyway - so they went straight to the bar.  It was exactly the kind of place John imagined him hanging out - a real guy bar.  Pool tables, sports on the television.  Not the sort of place you'd order a champagne cocktail. Doug was well known there.  Seemed like as soon as he crossed the threshold, people were urging him to play pool, join their group.

After a while, Doug leaned in close to his ear...too close, really.  "I'm starving.  How 'bout we go back to my place and order a pizza or something?"  John had never been known to turn down food, so he had no reason to object.  It was a short walk, then they were there.  John was sure he detected a loaded glance from Doug as they went inside, and he felt a tinge uneasy - as if something were going on that he didn't know about yet.

"Have a seat."  Doug tossed him the remote.  "Find the game, and I'll get us a drink.  Beer?"

"I'd really just like some water, I think."

When Doug came back, John took a big gulp, then spluttered.  "Dammit Doug!"  Doug chuckled as John realized he'd taken a gulp of vodka instead of water.

"Here, let me clean that up for you."  Doug took a towel and dabbed at John's shirt.  Then he slowed his movements and deliberately pressed the towel into John's lap.  Seeing John's eyes widen he lightly dabbed at his face.

"Um, that's fine, thanks."  John took the towel away from Doug and looked over at the television.  Seeing there was a basketball game in progress and trying to lighten the mood, he said, "Christ, I wouldn't take a shot like that!"   

Doug picked up the remote and switched the television off.  As John stared at him, Doug leaned in and lightly kissed him.  Once John recovered from his shock, he waited for the punch line.  Waited for the inevitable, "Gotcha!" that would signal the kiss was another of Doug's practical jokes.  Doug remained silent, and looked at him steadily, not moving away.

Trembling slightly, John stood and ran his fingers through his hair.  He decided to try to pretend it didn't happen.  Safest thing.  John wasn't sure if it was the vodka or the leftover adrenaline from the kiss, but he just couldn't be still.  He didn't realize how panicked he looked.

Doug chuckled as he saw the younger man's discomfiture.  He had decided there was no way he'd coerce John into anything.  John was going to be a more than willing partner in his own seduction.  In fact, Doug wanted him to have to practically beg.  He walked up behind John and stroked his neck gently, noticing that he didn't move away.  Encouraging.  After planting another light kiss on the back of John's neck, Doug turned and walked back to the couch.  John turned and looked at him, questioning.  

"From now on, I'm only going to do what you ask me to do. "

"How the hell am I supposed to know what to ask for?"  The words were out of John's mouth before he could bite them back.

"Just ask for what you want, and I'll do it."

John sighed as he realized that he'd have to make the decision to do this, not just let it happen.  He thought for a few moments.  At first, John had believed he was misinterpreting that look in Doug's eyes after the kiss, but his second approach had negated that idea.  What John wasn't able to misinterpret, however, was his own reaction.  In addition to the surprise, he felt unmistakable arousal.  He was so hard it hurt. He wondered if Doug could see that.  He shook his head slightly -- this couldn't be happening.  John was pretty sure Doug wasn't teasing him.  He also knew that although they were hardly in love, this could become complicated.  In the end, curiosity and arousal won out over rational thought.  Why the hell not?  He made his decision, and returned to the couch.

"I haven't...I don't", John began.  He fell silent as Doug stroked his hair.  

"Tell me what you want," Doug insisted.

"I want you to kiss me again.  Really kiss me." Doug pulled him in for another kiss.  He lingered over John's lips with his own for a few moments, and when John parted them, Doug began to explore his mouth.  John whimpered, and began to kiss back.  

That whimper, signaling John's willingness, was an incredible turn-on to Doug, and he reminded himself with difficulty of his plan.  As he broke the kiss and moved to John's neck, he was rewarded with an audible moan.

Doug smiled.  "Like that, huh?"

"God, yes."  John loved the feel of Doug's lips, his hands, and he wanted to touch the rest of him.   He ran his hands inside Doug's shirt, relishing the heat of his skin.  He lay back, pulling Doug with him. 

Doug began unbuttoning John's shirt, wanting to feel more skin himself.  Then he stopped.  He held John's wrists and said, "Ask me." 

John took a deep breath, realizing what a big step he was about to take.  "Can I undress you?"

"Here?"  Doug asked, wanting to move into the bedroom, but also wanting John to suggest it.

"I'd... I'd like to go in the bedroom, I think."

The bedroom was dark, but Doug quickly found his way to the night stand and turned on the bedside light.  He tried to stop himself from initiating action, but decided he'd had enough of that.  He was hungry for John's body, and wanted to take him now.  He removed John's already unbuttoned shirt, and noted with a grin that John had already discarded his shoes and socks.  Good - nothing less sexy than a naked man in his socks.

John interrupted his thoughts.  "I thought I was supposed to be undressing you."  Although he'd been ambivalent about this a few minutes ago, John was surrendering to what his body was asking for.  What it wanted right now was more of Doug Ross.  More of his skin, more of his mouth, more of his tongue.
He ran his hands over Doug's bare chest, enjoying the feel of the warmth and the hair on his chest.  Impatiently, he pushed Doug's shorts and boxers down.  Then he paused.  Now that Doug's entire body was finally available to him, he reverted to being a little scared.  What the hell was he supposed to do now?

Doug looked up into John's eyes, then looked him up and down, estimating that while John's legs were much longer than his own, the length of their bodies was equal.  Of course, being slightly shorter than John meant that he could very easily reach certain areas of John's body.  He stepped out of his pants and pulled John into his arms, bending his head slight to take a hard nipple into his mouth.  A thrill went through him as he heard John whisper "Dear God." and moan.  A little nip, then a pinch and it was on to the other nipple.  While he had John's attention focused on those sensations, he put his hands to good use, unzipping John's pants and reaching inside the pants and boxer shorts to grasp his oh, so hard penis.  This was nice, but not good enough.  He wanted John Carter naked and he wanted him naked five minutes ago.  With a skill that had been finely honed over the years, Doug had the pants pushed down John's legs in less than a minute.  He then stepped back and admired the body in front of him.  John didn't work out, that was very obvious, but he certainly wasn't flabby.  He had nice muscles in the all the right places, a smooth chest, his skin so pale that his dark nipples almost looked like bruises against it.  Slim hips that cradled dark curly hair and a very hard and well formed penis that was now pulled up against his body.  John's cheeks flushed as Doug eyed him and Doug smiled, amazed that someone John's age could still feel embarrassment over being admired.

Doug knelt down and carefully coaxed the pants and boxers off of John, allowing John to lean against him for balance each time he had to lift a leg up in order to slip the pants off.  The kid was running his fingers through his hair again, giving Doug that same panicked look that he had shown in the living room.  It was time to make him think about something else.

"Tell me what you want me to do, John," he said, running his hand lightly up and down the back of John's thigh.


Doug chuckled, "I plan to.  But, you're going to tell me where to begin."

The kid blushed even deeper, then answered in a whisper, "Could you take me in your mouth?"

"Take what?  Your fingers?"  Doug raised John's hand to his mouth and took a finger inside, running his tongue along the tip.

Unable to say it, John removed his hand from Doug's grasp, then entwined his fingers in his hair.  He hesitantly moved Doug's face inches from his penis.

"You want a blow job?"  Doug couldn't resist teasing him.

John swallowed noisily, then nodded.

"Say it then."

"Would you please give me a blow job?"

"And just what happens in a blow job, John?  What exactly is it that I need to do?  Blow on you?"  There was no laughter in Doug's voice, only desire.

John closed his eyes, not believing that Doug was making him get graphic like this.  Maybe it was all a big joke to him.  But, he had gotten this far and it did seem as if Doug was willing to take it even further.

"You'll need to suck on my penis."

"Ah.  Like this?"  Doug put his lips to the shaft of John's penis and sucked slowly, making John moan once more.

"Yes.  But, more.  You need to take my penis into your mouth and suck on it."

Doug grinned, amazed at how turned on he was getting by making John tell him how to do something so simple.  He got to his feet and walked to the night stand where a box of condoms lay waiting upon the top.  He got one out and opened it, dropping the foil to the floor, then returned to John and slowly rolled it onto his already wet penis.  John was more than ready for action, and Doug was more than ready to take him.  He gently squeezed John's balls, then sank to his knees and took the tip of John's penis into his mouth, sucking with all his might.

Suddenly he stopped.  He grinned at the flash of frustration on John's face, and asked, "Is that what you meant?  Or maybe..."  He ran his tongue along the shaft and around the tip, then looked up at John expectantly.  "That too?"

John could only nod, and pull Doug's mouth back onto his penis.  

After that, everything was a blur to John.   He glanced over beside him to watch Doug sleeping for a moment, and remembered some of the things that had happened.  He'd been eager to take Doug in his mouth, too, and had actually tried to so without a condom, but had given in to Doug's demands they use one.

It hadn't been making love by any stretch of the imagination - just raw sex.  He remembered having Doug's finger inside him.  It had made him want more, made him beg for Doug 's penis.  He'd been lying on his stomach, with his hands loosely tied together.  Despite his pleas, Doug had continued to tease him for a long time, using two fingers, then three.  He even traced the area lightly, then more insistently, with his tongue.  When Doug had finally entered him, John tried to suppress his loud gasp of pleasure, but gave up, realizing that his moans aroused Doug even more.  He realized why afterward when he savored Doug's whimpers as he surrendered to the entry of John's penis, just as he'd savored the taste of his mouth and skin. 

John had asked for everything, and he'd gotten it.  He grinned up at the ceiling.  And he'd given it.

The next morning, John awoke before Doug's alarm was scheduled to go off.  They were both due to be at the hospital by seven and John wanted to get a shower before he had to be at work.  He watched Doug for a few moments to make sure he was sound asleep, then he slowly slipped out of bed.  His clothes were still on the floor and he gathered them up, then retrieved his shoes and socks.  He went out to the living room, shutting the bedroom door softly, then disappeared into the bathroom.  Since Doug's bathroom wasn't connected to the bedroom, John was confident that he wouldn't awaken Doug.

Doug blinked, and looked over at the clock.  He rubbed his eyes, and tried to shake the sleep from his mind.  He heard John moving around in the bathroom, knocking things over - Christ, the kid could be clumsy - and he realized that the decision was being left to him.  He could stay here in bed, pretend to be asleep, and John would likely leave without a word.  They could go back, more or less, to their previous relationship.  Did he want that?  Doug considered this for a moment, and decided the answer was an emphatic "no".  Despite the problems he knew he was letting them in for, he wasn't willing to give this up.  John Carter was addictive, and Doug wanted more. 

As John climbed into the shower, his thoughts returned to the night before.  Just thinking about what he and Doug had done together made him hard again, and he felt a little guilty for wanting more.  He stepped under the hot spray, hoping to pound some of the cobwebs from his brain.

The shower door opened, and Doug was standing before him.  Naked.  Obviously as aroused as he was.  Wordlessly, John stepped aside in invitation and Doug stepped into the shower, slamming the door closed.

Doug scowled at John.  "You weren't planning on sneaking out on me, were you?"

"Well, since it's a little past four a.m., I thought I'd let you sleep until your alarm went off at five."

"Ah, so you were just being considerate then?"  Doug was now smiling.

John nodded.

"And it never once crossed your mind that we could be doing something a Hell of a lot more exciting than sleeping before my alarm goes off?"

John silently shook his head and this made Doug laugh.  The kid was such an innocent sometimes.  Well, last night he had made him ask for it.  This morning, he would just take what he wanted.  Doug used his body to pin John against the wall, then pulled his head down and passionately kissed his mouth.  His tongue sought entrance, not even bothering to wait for the invitation.  His hands roamed freely over John's lithe body, pinching and caressing.  Teasing him.  Doug broke off the kiss and nuzzled John's neck, making him squirm with pleasure, taking advantage of everything he had learned about John the night before.  John moaned as Doug's hand encased his throbbing penis.

"Are you ready for me?" Doug asked.

"God, yes," was the breathless reply.

Doug opened the shower door and bent down to pick something up off of the floor.  It was a condom.  The man was fanatical about using condoms, John thought.  Probably why he never has to worry about catching any diseases, he chided himself, remembering all too well his embarrassment at having everyone find out that Liz had given him a disease. A tiny part of John's mind registered the irony of Doug insisting on a condom, but then rimming him without protection.  Not that he was complaining, and not that he was going to bring it to Doug's attention.  It felt too incredible, and he had not wanted it to stop.

John stood still as he watched Doug open the condom and shut the door.  Doug held it out to him.

"Put this on me."

John took the condom and carefully rolled it down Doug's penis, then he dropped to his knees and took Doug into his mouth.  This time, it was Doug who groaned.  After a few minutes, John could feel Doug's hands pushing him away.

"That was nice, John, but it isn't what I want.  Bend over."

"You're not going to make me ask for it?"  John licked the tip of Doug's penis.

"No.  Today I'm doing what I want. "

John stood and bent over, bracing himself against the wall opposite the showerhead.  He could feel the spray of the water as it beat against Doug's back and was deflected into the air.  Then Doug was there, entering him in one long thrust that took his breath away.

"Move with me, John." Doug commanded as he began to move in and out, pulling and pushing on John's hips in counterpoint until they could synchronize their movements.  Once in synch, Doug was free to use his hands again.  He slid his hand up John's belly to his chest and found a taut nipple to play with.  The other hand was firmly wrapped around John's penis, stroking it in time with his thrusts.  Doug came first, his final thrust sure and strong.  Despite the wonderful distraction of his own orgasm, Doug was able to keep up the steady stroking of John's penis until John let out a small cry and Doug felt his semen flow over his hand.  Using John's penis as a handle, he pulled the young student around and toward him, kissing him deeply once more.

"Now, wasn't that a much better way to spend your time?" Doug asked with a grin.

"Yeah.  It was."

"So, don't make that same mistake again, all right?" Doug reached for the soap.

"Again?"  John shook his head, thinking that maybe he had water in his ears and wasn't hearing Doug right.  Was Doug implying that he wanted to do this again?  With him?

Doug laughed as he rubbed the soap over John's body, "Yeah, again.  What are you doing tonight?  Any plans?"

"Uh, no.  None."

"Then what do you say to a game of basketball and a beer?"

"Like last night?"

"Just like last night."  Doug pushed John under the water, turning his body slowly so that he would be completely rinsed off.

"Sounds good to me."  John replied, hoping he sounded as matter of fact about the whole thing as Doug sounded.

Doug tossed the shampoo at him, "Here, you'll have to do your own hair.  I am not going to risk pulling a muscle by trying to reach the top of your head.  The top of this head is much easier to reach." 

Doug fondled John while he was trying to pour out the shampoo.  John found he needed all his concentration in order to pour out the correct amount and not drop the bottle to the floor.  He handed the bottle back to Doug, forcing him to break off contact with him.  Then he closed his eyes and began to wash his hair.  He wasn't too surprised when the fondling resumed.  Only this time, Doug took it much further, using his finger to remind John of what they had just finished doing.  Much to his embarrassment, John's stomach chose that minute to growl, which sent Doug into a fit of laughter.  John quickly rinsed his hair, trying to tell his stomach to quiet down, but it wasn't listening to him at all.  He shook his head to get the water out of his face and opened his eyes.  Doug had lathered up and he pulled him out of the water so that he could rinse off.

"Hungry?" Doug asked, his back to him now.

"You forgot to feed me last night."

"That's right.  I did promise you a pizza, didn't I?  Well, how about if I make it up to you by treating you to a huge breakfast at Doc Magoo's?"

"I thought you wanted to work some extra hours at the hospital to earn more money?"

"I do."  Doug was now washing his hair, "But I think that I can afford to buy you breakfast."

"I have a huge appetite."

Doug turned off the water, then faced John once again, that crooked grin in place once more.  "So, I've noticed."

John chose to ignore the remark.  "We can't have breakfast anyway.  I want to go home and change clothes."

"You'll have plenty of time.  Meet me at Doc Magoo's at five thirty.  If you leave now, you should be there on time."  Doug handed a towel to John, then grabbed another one and began to dry off before stepping out of the shower. 

John rubbed the towel in his hair, very conscious of the fact that Doug was watching him from the center of the bathroom.  He quickly dried off, then wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out into the steamy bathroom.  Doug was at the sink, using his towel to dry a circle in the mirror.  John quickly looked away, knowing that if he stared at Doug's body any longer, he would soon be hard again.  He dressed, then watched as Doug finished shaving. 

Doug wiped off his face, then turned around and leaned back against the sink, exposing himself to John.  "Well?  Are you going to let me buy you breakfast?"

John shrugged, "Sure.  Why not?  But, it would be better if you let me buy you breakfast."

"Next time.  You should go now, or I just might have to ravish you again."  Doug grinned, "Perhaps in the kitchen this time?"

John blushed, then got out of there before he allowed Doug to do just that.  As he hurried to the El station, his mind was full of thoughts about Doug Ross and what was going to happen that night.  About what had happened the night before. 

A part of him was still a little shocked that Doug had found him desirable.  A little shocked that Doug liked men.  Doug Ross was about as far away from the homosexual stereotype as a man could get, and yet, it was very plain that he had no qualms about bedding another man.  Had obviously had sex with men prior to John.  Was he just another notch on Doug's belt?  Did he really care if he was, as long as the sex continued to be as great as it was last night?  With a silly grin on his face, John shook his head.  It didn't matter to him one bit.  He had enjoyed himself immensely and knew he would enjoy himself as much tonight.  He hoped that there would be more nights to follow.  Whistling happily, he paid his fare, then impatiently waited for his train to arrive.  The sooner he could get home and get changed, the sooner he could be to Doc Magoos.  He didn't want to keep Doug waiting.

Chapter Two:  Assignations

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