Okay, we all know that John Carter on ER is hot stuff.  He's gorgeous, sensitive,funny, a dedicated doctor.  In short, he's perfect, right?  But did you also know that he's a sex god?  If not, you're about to find out.  We've archived our series of adult fanfics on this site, all featuring Carter as a main character.

Of course we don't own any of the characters - Warner Brothers has that honor, and we aren't infringing on their copyright or making any money with our stories.  But, if we did own the show, season five would have been a hell of a lot more interesting.  Maybe the writers will have taken our suggestions on board for season six?

Unless otherwise stated, all stories are written by Melissa and Cathy.

Other John Carter Stories

If you're interested in other adult or slash fiction featuring John Carter, Cathy and Melissa have written a few other stories that aren't part of "Carter Does County".  You can find them listed under Other Stories.

Non-ER Slash
Cathy has written stories for other fandoms (The Young Riders and Without A Trace), and those can be found here.
To choose a story, click on the image of the character that hooks up with Carter.  Clicking on the image of Noah will show you a listing of all the available stories in the series, but we think it's more fun to choose the character.
There are some thank you's that need to be handed out.  First of all, we would like to thank Michelle Hiley, a wonderful writer in her own right and a great encourager of talent.  One day she had a wonderful idea of putting together a service to match up writers and editors.  And she matched the two of us -- so, thank you, Michelle.

Another person deserving a special thanks is Carolyn Delany, who has patiently looked over our shoulders, listened to our plans and then had to keep all she knew to herself until we posted our stories.  She gave us invaluable medical advice and we just wish that she was available to be our personal physician.

Other thanks go to WP Admirer, who took the first bold step of writing John Carter slash fiction and has been a steady supporter of our writing efforts, as have Brenda, Paula and Shelby.  And a thank you is owed to Michael, who graciously answered all of our strange and nosy questions!

We also need to thank Shelby and Aoye for allowing us to steal images from their sites (as well as various star sites, "E.R." sites, etc.).  Graphics were made using Microsoft Picture It!  Version 2.0.

To all of you, THANK YOU!
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