"Tag, You're It, Part 4"
By:  Melissa and Cathy

Tag shoved the covers to the side and got out of bed.  He checked his watch.  Two in the morning and he had not gotten any sleep yet.  It was impossible to sleep with John on his mind and not in his bed.  He looked back over to the bed and amended that thought: our bed.  "John belongs in our bed," he said out loud.  "And maybe he would be here now if I would have told him that I love him.  What kind of a coward am I that I can't tell him something that important?  I just stood there like an idiot and told him I didn't want to lose him, but I couldn't tell him why."  An idea began to take shape in his mind, a way for him to prove to John that he did care about him.  He slipped into some shorts and a T-shirt, then stepped outside.  He had always been good at orienteering, and he knew he could find John's bungalow from the beach.  He had seen enough of what lay beyond John's outside doors to know that John did not have his own beach, but he also knew he could get to John's bungalow by going through the beaches.  With the looks the staff had given him when he went to apologize, he knew they wouldn't be too friendly to him if he walked the normal route to John's bungalow - it went through the lobby.  He walked down to the waters' edge, then headed for John.

John awoke slowly, relieved to discover that his headache had gone.  His mouth felt cottony though, so he got up to get a drink of water.  He wandered back into the main room, carefully looking around.  It resembled the other bungalow, but it was missing something vital.  It was missing Tag.  He was missing Tag.  He regretted letting his anger get the better of him earlier, but he wasn't going to apologize to Tag for feeling that way.  If he and Tag were going to continue together, to Paris and to Chicago, then there were some things that still needed to be said.  Not hurtful things though.  Good things.  At least John thought they were good things.  He loved Tag.  That had hit him like a brick when he realized just how deeply Tag's words had cut into him.  But, would Tag want to hear that?  His father always told him that love didn't happen overnight, but then, Roland Carter had never approved of anything he had done nor anyone he had ever loved.

John sat on the edge of the bed and thought about getting some more sleep.  But, he really didn't want to sleep alone.  Not anymore.  He wanted Tag there.  He wanted to hear the other man breathe as he slept.  Wanted to feel Tag's arms around him, holding him so close that he could feel Tag's heart beating against his back.  This is stupid, he thought.  Tag was right -I am an idiot.  He would go to Tag tonight.  Surprise him by crawling into bed with him and being there when Tag awoke in the morning.  But, he couldn't go through the breezeways to get there.  He didn't want anyone from the staff to see him sneaking through the resort.  How could he get to him then?

John then remembered that he and Tag liked sleeping with the doors open so they could hear the ocean.  He smiled as he realized that he could go along the beaches to get there.  While his bungalow didn't have a private beach, it did have a path that led to the water and he could find Tag's bungalow easily enough.  He pulled on shorts, then headed out into the night.

Tag came to a stop in the middle of a beach.  It appeared as if the bungalow was unoccupied, not that it mattered.  He had suddenly realized that he was disoriented and had no idea if he was really heading in the right direction way anymore.  He had been so sure that if he went to the right, he would reach John.  So sure.  But, he hadn't found him yet.  He sank into a sitting position in the sand and stared out at the ocean, wondering if he should just forget about his pride and go back to the bungalow so he could get to John the normal way.  Who cared if the staff knew where he was going?  They already knew that he and John were there as a couple.  He grinned then, liking the sound of that word - couple.  Of course, now the staff was sure that he was evil incarnate, but that was a chance he would have to take if he wanted to get to John before seven in the morning.

He got to his feet and had just turned around when he heard John's voice.  He swung around and saw John walking toward him from the waters' edge.  Coming from the direction he had been headed in.  He had not been wrong after all.

"John, what are you doing out here?"

John grinned as he neared Tag.  "I imagine the same thing you're doing."

"I'm sorry.  I know you wanted to be left alone so you could think, but I just couldn't sleep without you there.  John, I love you.  I should have told you that before, but I couldn't work up enough courage to tell you."

"Me, either."

"You either?  Are you saying that you love me?"  Tag knew he was grinning like a fool, but he didn't care.  Not if what John was saying was true.

"Yes, Tag.  I love you.  I don't want to go back to Chicago without you."

Tag pulled John to him and gently kissed him.  "You don't know how glad I am to hear you say that.  I was so scared that you were going to go home.  I know that this may sound as if I'm rushing things with you, but I just can't imagine living the rest of my life without you, John.  Maybe it's just the island, I don't know.  I hope it isn't.  Like I said earlier, when I thought I had lost you, I realized just how much you meant to me."

"The things you said, they hurt me a lot, Tag."

"I told you that I didn't really mean them, John.  I was deliberately trying to hurt you.  I'm sorry that I succeeded."  Tag slowly rubbed John's back.

"I think I can forgive you.  I'm not like that, Tag.  Really."

"I know.  I never wanted to know your first name before because knowing it would make you far too real to me.  It was easy to be engaged to Carol and tell myself that Benton's med student was just a harmless fantasy.  As long as that student didn't have a name, I was safe."

"So, you didn't really love Carol?"

"I don't know.  I loved her.  But, I found it way too easy to find a reason not to marry her, didn't I?  And to even manage to put the blame on her.  But, if I can care this much for you in such a short time, then my feelings for her must not have been genuine, right?"

"I don't know.  Only you can answer that question."

"That's true."  Tag nuzzled his face in John's hair, liking the way he smelled.  Liking everything about John.  "So, what do we do now?  Go back to your bungalow or go back to your bungalow," he asked with a smile.

"Cute, Tag.  Real cute," John smiled.  "Well, I know what I would like to do now, but you probably won't let me."

"And what is that?" Tag asked, even though he knew the answer.  He could feel John's erection through his shorts.

"Make love to you right here.  I'm pretty sure that there isn't anyone staying in this bungalow, so no one can catch us."

"I like the sound of that, but you're right that I won't let it happen.  I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize your health or hurt you."

Tag saw that there were now tears in John's eyes and he held him close again.  "Hey, it's okay.  I don't need to have sex all the time.  I'll be very content to just hold you for the rest of the night.  You pick the bed."

"Our bed then."

"I like the sound of that," Tag grinned as another idea ran through his brain.  He immediately dropped to his knees, his hands grasping the waistband of John's shorts.  When John didn't say anything, Tag slowly pulled the shorts down, noting that John had not worn any underwear.  Neither had he.  Both of them had been in a rush to reach the other.

As Tag ran his hand up the back of John's thighs, he inched closer to his body.  As he took John into his mouth, he cupped his buttocks with his hands, reveling in the smoothness of his skin.  He liked John's butt.  It was smooth and firm.  John wasn't muscular but he was definitely defined in all the right places.  Tag let his mouth slide over one of the most defined places, his heart racing even faster as he felt John's hands become entwined in his hair and heard him softly moan.  He hoped that this wasn't what the doctor had in mind when he said no sex and that this wouldn't harm John.  Tag wanted so desperately to prove to John that he just wasn't in this for his own pleasure.  That bringing pleasure to John also brought pleasure to him.  As he licked and sucked, he couldn't help but remember their first day here, when they had been on the beach.  Tag had wanted to taste John then, but was unable to do so because John's body was wet and had become coated with sand.  John's body wasn't wet now.

Tag eased back and grinned as he heard a sound of displeasure come from John's throat.  "I'm not going to leave you like this, John.  I want you to lie down."  Tag took John's hands in his own and gently pulled him down to the sand with him, stretching their bodies out side by side.  As John lay still, Tag made love to him, kissing and caressing every inch of his skin until he was back to the place he had begun.  John was still just as hard as Tag's tongue teased the tip of his penis and his hands traced burning patterns across the tender skin of his thighs.

John sighed, letting his senses take over.  Tag became his entire world.  His entire being.  He didn't want it to ever be any other way.  The sweet sensations were quickly giving way to a pounding desire and he wanted nothing more than to buck his hips in an effort to hurry his climax.  But, he fought that urge.  He wanted release, but he wanted it to come at Tag's timing and not his own.

Tag had noticed the slight movement of John's hips and knew that his lover was ready to come.  He intensified his efforts, using his mouth and his hand to bring John to that wonderful place where time briefly stopped.  As he felt the hot liquid fill his mouth, Tag heard John call his name, panting from the force of his passion.  Tag quickly swallowed, not wanting to lose a drop of John's semen, savoring the taste that was so uniquely John.  He kept sucking until he was sure that John was done, then he lay back down beside him.

John leaned over and kissed Tag on the mouth, his own tongue insistent, wanting Tag to part his lips so he could taste himself in there.  As they kissed, John's hand roamed over Tag's chest and belly until it came to rest atop Tag's shorts and his firm penis.  John slowly rubbed it through the thin linen, making Tag moan into his mouth.  When the kiss broke off, John started to move his head lower intending to pleasure Tag in the same way Tag had just pleasured him.

Tag reached out and pulled him back up.  "No.  I appreciate that you want to love me, John, but this time is for you.  Just for you."

"Tag, I know that you're remembering what the doctor said, but I think I put out more exertion just now then I will if I give you a blow job," John smiled.

"Maybe so, but I don't want to take the risk that you might break your ribs or something while trying to get into a good position.  We'll stay here longer, until the doctor says that you're all right.  After that, we can do whatever we want, whenever we want.  I promise."  Tag gently caressed John's cheek.

"I'll try to be patient then."

"Good.  Shit, that reminds me.  The whole entire reason I went to the front desk in the first place was to extend our reservation.  Since the room is in your name, you'll need to do that."

"I'll do that tomorrow - well, I suppose it's tomorrow already, isn't it?  Anyway, I can do that when I check out of my bungalow."

Tag smiled.  "Good.  Oh, and I signed us up for the luau."

"Really?  I was going to mention that to you.  When?"


John nodded, then lay his head against Tag's chest.  "I think we should get back or else I'm going to fall asleep right here.  Not that I really mind that idea, but I don't know if the staff checks out the unused places."

Tag got up, then helped John to his feet and back into his shorts.  "I think I can find the way back for us."

"Lead on then."  Hand in hand, they made their way back to their bungalow.  They quickly stripped, then got into bed.  Secure in each other's arms, they quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, John headed back to the lobby to check out of the other bungalow and to extend the stay on the one he and Tag shared.  He couldn't keep himself from smiling as he approached the desk, wearing the same shorts from the night before and a shirt he had borrowed from Tag.  He was also going to have to get them to let him back into the other bungalow because he had gone out without his key last night and now had no way to get back in.

Liani was once again on duty and her eyes became big and round when she saw him enter the lobby from the direction of the bungalow he shared with Tag.

"Good morning, Liani.  I need to check out of the bungalow."

"Which one?" she carefully asked.

"The one I checked into yesterday.  And I also need for someone to let me back in so I can get my things.  I went out without my key and now I find I've locked myself out."

"That won't be a problem.  Are you leaving us now?" she asked as she began to figure out his charges.

"No.  I do need to change the checkout date on the other bungalow though.  Tag said that you made a notation in the computer about that?"

"That's right, we did."  She gave him a small smile, then returned to her task. 

John waited patiently for her to give him the charge slips to sign, one for each bungalow.  Then she escorted him to the bungalow and waited while he packed his things.

"Thanks a lot for your help, Liani."

"It's no problem, Mr. Carter.  Just let me know if you need anything else."

"I will."

He returned to Tag, delighted to find that Tag had ordered breakfast for them.  They didn't have any plans for the day.  Tag wanted John to take it easy, which meant that sex, swimming and more sightseeing were all out of the question.  So, they just lay in bed all day, talking and watching television.  It was four in the afternoon when the front desk called to remind them about the luau, which would begin at five.  The two showered and changed, then headed out for the feast.

Once seated, they found themselves next to a female couple there on their honeymoon.  Even though Tag kept looking over at the women from time to time, he never remarked about the fact they were married.  To John, it wasn't anything novel or remarkable.  A couple was a couple.  The feast was good and all the food, from the roasted pig to the baked Hawaiian sweet potatoes and the poi, was excellent.  The dancers were graceful, but when they asked for volunteers to join them, Tag kept John from raising his hand.  So, John had no choice but to volunteer Tag - who found himself being hauled onto the dance floor by two muscular male dancers.  After being shown a few moves, Tag joined in with everyone else, surprised at how much fun he was having.  His eyes sought out John, and he liked the fact that John was also having a good time.  This evening was so very different from last night and Tag hoped they never had another night like that one.

Once it was over and they were back in their bungalow, they went to sit out on the beach.

"Did you have a good time?" Tag asked.

John nodded, "It was great.  You danced really well out there."

"I'm sorry you couldn't participate."

John shrugged, "Hey, I'm sure I'll have another chance to someday do the traditional Hawaiian war dance."

Tag grinned, then smoothed the back of John's hair before he leaned back to rest his elbows on the sand.  "Those women were something else, weren't they?"

"The dancers?  Yeah, they looked pretty good."

"I was talking about the couple beside us."

"Oh, them.  Yeah, they were nice.  Beth is originally from Texas and Cheryl from Kentucky.  They're both living in New York now."

"And they're married.  I didn't know you could do that."

"You can't do it everywhere.  Most states don't recognize same-sex marriages.  Barbara, my sister, had to go to France in order to marry her partner, Janie.  They liked it so much there that they decided to stay."

"Your sister is a lesbian?"  Tag didn't know why he found that surprising, but he did.

"Yeah.  So is Janie."  John replied with a straight face.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so surprised.  For one thing, I didn't even know you had a sister.  This is the first time you mentioned her."

"No, it's not.  I told you about her when I was telling you about my family coming over here often.  You just don't remember me telling you, that's all."

"Sorry.  So, did you tell me anything else important when I was drunk?  Anything I should know about?"

John thought about that for a moment, then shook his head, "No.  Well, except for the fact that I speak French.  I can do it passably well most of the time and very well when I'm drunk."  He smiled down at Tag.

"Well, drunk or sober, I can't speak it at all."

"Good thing you'll have me with you."  John lay back upon the sand, staring up at the stars.  He liked being out where he could see every star that it was possible to see with the naked eye.  He had thought about getting a telescope once, but then decided against it.  He didn't want to see the stars up close, he much preferred to see them from a distance and be awed by their numbers.

Tag rolled over onto his side.  "Yeah, it is a good thing."  He watched John for a short while, then leaned over and kissed him.  "I love you."

John grinned at him, "I love you, too."

"So, do you talk to your sister often?"

"Yeah.  Why?"

"I was just curious.  I happen to call my sister a lot, so I was just wondering if you did the same thing.  I guess you have her number memorized."

"I have too much running around in my brain right now for me to able to memorize phone numbers.  I have her number in my wallet.  I wrote it down for you, along with the numbers for my parents.  I just haven't given them to you yet."

"I forgot that I wanted those from you.  I haven't written down that information for you yet.  I promise I'll do it in the morning."



"Can you kiss me again?"

"I can do just about anything you ask me to do, John," Tag replied as he lowered his head for another kiss.  "Anything."

"Make love to me?"

"I did say just about anything, not everything," Tag grinned.  "Just a few days, John.  I think we can wait that long."

"I'll try.  Can I make love to you?"  John grinned.

"Be patient."  Tag finally managed to give him the kiss he had requested, knowing it was the only way to shut him up.

The rest of their time in Hawaii found them contented with each other's company, even though John was often impatient with Tag's insistence on not having sex until Doctor Wang gave them the okay.  Two days before they were scheduled to leave for Paris, John got that okay.  He also got his stitches removed.  He figured that if he could just get rid of his headache, then he would be a very happy person indeed.

As soon as they returned to the resort, John headed out to the beach, eager to go swimming.  That had been another thing that Tag had insisted he not do without Doctor Wang's okay.

Tag leaned against the doorframe, torn between the fine pastime of watching John strip as he made his way to the water and his overall concern for John.  His concern finally won out and he called out to John, asking him to come back for a few minutes.  John paused on the sand, looking from the water and then back to Tag.  Finally, he headed back to the room.

"Doctor Wang said I could go swimming," he said as he approached Tag, a pout playing about his lips.

"I know.  But, you didn't put on any sunscreen.  Stand still and I'll take care of it for you," Tag grinned as he opened the bottle of sunscreen.

"I have enough of a tan that I won't burn," John said.

"That's beside the point.  You wear sunscreen so you don't get skin cancer.  Turn around so I can do your back first."

John turned around.  The sunscreen was cool, but Tag's hands were warm as they smoothed the lotion into his skin.  It quickly became apparent to John that Tag was interested in far more than just protecting his skin.  Tag's movements were far more erotic than platonic and John belatedly realized that Tag had been just as frustrated as he had been over the no sex instructions from the doctor.  John felt guilty for giving Tag a difficult time over his insistence on abstinence.  Tag wouldn't even allow oral sex after that one night - he claimed that it was too physical for John.

John chided himself over the fact that they now had the okay for physical activity and his first thought had been to go swimming and not to make love to Tag.  Well, the ocean wasn't going anywhere, he thought.  Then he concentrated on what Tag was doing to him.  A hand stroked his buttocks, and then he felt those strong hands on his left thigh, massaging the lotion into his skin.  John took a deep breath as his penis suddenly sprung to life over the proximity of Tag's hands.  John wanted for Tag to touch him there.  To caress him in his mouth.  But, Tag was intent on distributing that damn sunscreen.  His hands slowly made their way down John's leg, then up the other one.  Finally, he seemed to be done. 

"Turn around.  I need to get the front now."

John turned around, liking very much the look of desire that leapt into Tag's eyes when he spotted his erection.  But, Tag was unmerciful with his teasing.  He squeezed out a fair amount of sunscreen and began to apply it to John's chest, making his way down to his abdomen.  Just when John thought that Tag's hands would go even lower, they moved to his arms.

Tag had to bite the inside of his lip to keep from smiling at John's obvious discomfiture.  He knew that John was aching to be touched - his whimpers were telling him that much.  But, Tag wasn't quite ready to give him the release he wanted.  The release they both wanted so much.

"I think you can go out now."  Tag stepped back.

"You missed a spot," John huskily said.

"I did?  Where?"

"You know where.  Don't toy with me, Tag."

Tag grinned, then squeezed out more sunscreen into his hand.  He put the bottle on the table, then closed the gap between them.  He knelt down in front of John, running a finger up and down his erect member.  He could feel a shiver run through John's body and he leaned in closer and replaced his finger with his tongue.  He toyed with his lover for a few more moments, then stood and kissed him.

"Tag...please?"  John was nearly breathless when the kiss ended.

"It's your choice, John."

"What?"  John was finding it difficult to think at the moment.

"You once accused me of making all the decisions regarding what we do in bed.  Well, it's your turn to decide.  Whatever you want, John, I'll do."

John blinked as the meaning of Tag's words sank in.  "Oh," he sighed.  He knew what he wanted.  He wanted everything.  Now he just had to narrow those options to one thing.

Tag could see that John was having a problem deciding, so he decided to help him out some.  "I could suck you off.  You could suck me off.  I can enter you, or you can enter me.  You did mention that you wanted to do that."

"I do."

"I'm not going anywhere, John.  Like I said, I'll do whatever you want."

"You haven't done this before, have you?  How old are you, anyway?"

Tag immediately recognized John's role-playing, and was delighted that he'd initiated it this time.

"I'm twenty."

"I would have guessed a little older than that.   There's no reason for you to be nervous.  It's just a simple audition and you've got a great body, but I'd like to see more.  Undress for me."   John's voice was cool, confident, in control of the situation.


"Here.  No one will see us - we have the beach to ourselves.  Or would you prefer to be inside?"  This time John's voice was tinged with amusement.

"I think I'd prefer you to be inside.   Me."

"Don't change the subject."  John reached over and tugged at Tag's shirt.  "Off.  Now."

"What role am I trying out for, anyway?"  Tag asked as he obediently unbuttoned the shirt.

"Voice-over.  Documentary," John said absently as he walked around Tag's body, examining him closely.

"Voice-over?"  Tag fought to suppress laughter.  "So why do you need to see me naked for that?"

"I don't need to, John Taglieri.  I want to.  There's a difference.  And you still have way too many clothes on."

Tag decided to end the role-play -- he wasn't going to satisfy John in the way he wanted to if he had to pretend to be a novice.  And he intended to satisfy him.  He sank to his knees.

"Not yet."  John caught Tag's chin, and raised him to standing.  "Not yet," he whispered softly.

In the silence that followed, they explored each other's faces, hands, mouths, gradually letting their mouths and hands stray lower.  There had been a lot of sex during the vacation, but they'd had to become more inventive in the last couple of days.  Since their beach reunion, they'd indulged in something almost as satisfying.  They'd kissed for hours, letting their hands roam gently over each other's clothing.  Tag had done so gingerly at first, not wanting to aggravate any bruising.  They'd simply been unable to resist touching each other.  Even though the doctor had said there could be no sex, and obviously nothing at all strenuous, it didn't mean there could be no physical affection.

Still, although it had been fulfilling on an emotional level, their bodies were frustrated.  Finally freed from the constraints of the previous days, each man was tempted to seize the opportunity to take what he'd wanted so much.  By the time their hands were stilled, Tag was as nude as his lover.  He took John by the hand and led him back into the bungalow.

At the side of the bed, Tag handed the tube of lubricant to John, then laid down upon the bed, waiting.  Wanting what was to come.  He had never liked being the recipient of anal sex, but, right now, with John, he wanted it so desperately.  He needed to feel John inside of him; needed to feel the pleasure that John would bring him.  He saw John's slight hesitance and a new thought entered his head.

"You have done this before, haven't you?"

John smiled down at him.  "Yeah.  I've done this before.  But, it's different this time, Tag.  I don't want to hurt you.  I want to make sure that you enjoy this as much as I do."  John was trying to remember the last time he had done this.  It was before he met his last boyfriend, a medical student named Daniel Abbott.  Daniel had never let him do this.  He remembered how upset Daniel had been the one and only time he asked.  John shoved that line of thinking aside.  This day was for Tag and only Tag.

"I will."

They looked into each other's eyes, not caring that they were getting lost in those dark orbs.  They weren't on a clock here and had nothing but time to spend with each other.

Tag gasped slightly as he felt the lubricant against his skin.  It wasn't because the lubricant was cold - John had made sure it was at least skin temperature - it was the sensation of having it applied to a very sensitive area. 

John's hand and fingers were careful but thorough as he readied Tag.  As he positioned himself to enter Tag, he thought of how much he had wanted to be with this man - how much he had wanted to do just this.  He felt Tag's body tense under him and he reached out to caress Tag's penis, making the man think about something other than what was about to happen.  Once John saw that Tag was caught up in the attention being lavished upon that organ, he began to press forward.

"Easy, Tag.  Just relax.  There's no rush," John instructed.

Tag looked up at John, noting the flush of his skin.  It didn't really hurt - it was more of a discomfort and he knew from past experience that once John entered him fully that the discomfort would be a distant memory.  John was confident now, moving with assurance as he slowly entered him.  Tag closed his eyes as a bolt of red-hot desire shot through his body.  A bolt of desire that grew as John buried himself in his body.

As full contact was made, the men forgot all about the fact that they had nothing but time on their side.  They moved together quickly, frantically, as if they would explode in that very spot if they didn't reach completion soon.  And explode they did, but it wasn't because they didn't reach completion - far from it.  The desire and heat built up inside of Tag until he couldn't stand it anymore.  With a strangled cry he came, his semen coating John's hand.  Moments later John slammed into him as his own orgasm assaulted his body.  John collapsed upon Tag's chest and for a fleeting moment Tag was worried that he had passed out from over-exertion.  Then John raised his head and smiled at him.

"That was really great, Tag.  Can we do it again?"

Tag laughed.  "Don't you think you need some recovery time?"

"Hell, I'm still young enough that I bounce back quickly."

"Well, I'm not.  Why don't we go for that swim you wanted?"

John's eyes twinkled as he noticed Tag had said "we" and not "you".  He nodded, then got up and helped Tag get off of the bed.

"My turn to put sunscreen on you," John said with a grin.

"Then we'll never get to the water," Tag commented as John began to massage the lotion onto his back.

"The Pacific's not going anywhere," John commented.

"That's for damn sure," Tag agreed.  He relaxed as John paid careful attention to his body, making sure that not an inch of skin was missed.  The result of that care was another bout of love making on the patio.  This time John insisted on using his mouth on Tag.  That had been something he had missed during the days of his convalescence.  He loved the way Tag felt under his hands.  Loved the way he could control Tag's ardor with a flick of his tongue.  He adored the way that Tag would kiss him afterward, not afraid of tasting himself in his mouth.  Not ashamed of what they had just done.  Daniel had never kissed him after oral sex.  In fact, he would usually make him brush his teeth before he would even think about kissing him afterwards.

They did finally get their swim, but it ended quickly as both men discovered they had something far more important to do back in the bungalow.  They happily spent the next days in the bungalow.  Tag told John that he had his fill of being a tourist and that the only sights he wanted to see were right there in front of him.  John couldn't argue with that line of logic as he felt the same way.

Their last night in Hawaii they made love several times, utilizing different positions and taking turns with each other.  Happily sated, they finally fell asleep, each one dreaming that Paris would be just as good, if not better, as Hawaii.

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