"Tag, You're It, Conclusion"
By:  Melissa and Cathy

John looked pensive as he sat down on the couch near Tag.  He had been home from the hospital for three days now and Tag had not made a single attempt to touch him.  It was clear to John that despite what Tag had said to him that night he was caught with Doug Ross that things were now over between them.  Tag was just too nice to come right out and tell him now.

"Can we talk?" John asked.

"Sure," Tag replied.  He put aside his magazine, hoping he didn't sound as uneasy as he felt  This was the moment he had been dreading ever since Doctor Mack had told him that due to the subdural hematoma, John might not have been completely himself over the past few weeks.  Not that Tag needed her to tell him that.  He had begun to get this sinking feeling the minute Will had asked about personality changes when he brought John into the emergency room.  It was apparent that John was back to normal and obviously having second thoughts about them, their union and everything else.

"You've been a little distant the past few days," John began.  "You've been that way since before I came home from the hospital."

"I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

"I noticed.  It was hard not to miss.  Tag, this isn't easy for me to say."

"I know."

"Please don't interrupt.  It's hard enough to say this without having you interrupt me."" John took a shuddering breath.  "You don't need to feel bound to me, Tag.  The marriage license isn't recognized here, so you aren't obligated to stay with me.  I realize that some of my behavior lately hasn't been acceptable.  I...wasn't myself.  I swear to you, Tag, that if I would have been myself then I never would have had sex with Doug Ross.  If nothing else, I'm always faithful, you have to believe that."

Tag started to say that he did, but he remembered that he wasn't supposed to interrupt, so he shut his mouth.

"I know that you don't care about me the same way anymore.  I won't fall apart if you tell me to move out, Tag."

Tag stared at John, not sure if he had heard him right.  John certainly wasn't talking like someone who wanted to break up with him.  He made it sound as if Tag wanted to get rid of him instead.

"John, I love you.  Nothing has changed that."

John looked away.  "I know you think you need to say that, and you might even mean it, but I know that things have changed between us.  It's so obvious, Tag.  You found out about Daniel and now you can't even stand the thought of touching me or having me touch you."

"That's not true, John.  I've been reluctant to touch you because I didn't want to put any pressure on you.  When I was told that you might have had some personality changes the past few weeks, I became afraid that you would realize that you agreed to marry me while you weren't yourself.  I figured you'd be having second thoughts about getting involved with an older guy like me.  Hell, you could have anyone you wanted, John."

"I want you, Tag.  I love you.  When I agreed to marry you, I meant it.  I want to stay with you forever."

Tag scooted over on the couch and hugged John to him.  "You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that, John.  I told you before that the past didn't matter, and it doesn't.  What happened with Ross doesn't matter.  I know it won't happen again.  I love you and I trust you.  I couldn't ask for anything more than to have you stay with me for the rest of my life."

John gazed deeply into Tag's eyes.  "That's all I want, too."

"Good."  Tag lowered his head and captured John's mouth with his lips.  The kiss was long and leisurely and when it ended, Tag leaned back against the cushions, pulling John back with him.

"There are some things we need to talk about.  Serious things."


"Yeah.  We can't go back and change what happened, but you should have told me about him back in Paris, John.  I've been running around like a madman, ready to tear your father apart for physically abusing you.  That wasn't fair to him."

"I told you that he did hurt me.  You just didn't believe me."

"I know.  And I know that Daniel Abbott is a painful part of your past.  The man betrayed your love and your trust with what he did to you.  I also know that it takes a very special person to be able to trust and love freely after going through something like that.  I promise to never let you down, John."

"I know that you won't.  I've always known that, Tag."  John pushed off of Tag's chest and sat upright, his eyes boring into Tag's soul.  "I never doubted you.  I just didn't want you to think that I was a bad person for letting Daniel do what he did.  I honestly thought that he would quit, Tag.  I kept trying to tell myself that he was sick or something and would get better."

"He was sick, John.  That much is obvious.  I don't want to know the details about your relationship, or what he did to you.  I heard enough at the hospital when Barbara and Randall told me what had happened.  But, I don't want to find myself asking you to do things that remind you of him.  Yes, I get playful at times..."

John rolled his eyes.

"Okay, I like to play around a lot.  And so far, you've enjoyed most of what we've done."

"There were only two things I had a problem with, Tag."

"I know.  But, you never should have forced yourself to do those things, John.  I don't want you to put your self on the line in order to try to please me.  If I suggest something and it makes you have second thoughts, then tell me.  Don't try to go through with it.  Believe me, I would much rather spend my time trying to think up something else than I would trying to calm you down."

"I think that I got so upset because of the head injury."

"And I think that's just wishful thinking.  I have no intention of trying to tie you down to the bed again, John."

John slowly grinned.  "Does that mean I can tie you down?"  He ran a hand up Tag's thigh, coming to a stop just below his groin.  "Hmm?"

Tag cleared his throat as he felt his penis harden at John's touch and suggestion.  "I don't have a problem with it at all."

"Good."  John got to his feet, then held out his hand to help Tag get to his.  "Why don't we go upstairs?"

"Sounds good to me."

They were headed to the stairs when the doorbell rang.  As John headed to answer the door, Tag glanced down at his watch.

"Oh, no.  We were supposed to go to Kerry's for dinner tonight."

"I think we're in trouble then."  John opened the door to see that Kerry was waiting on the porch.

"Did you guys forget about dinner?" she asked.

"We did.  Have you thrown it out yet?" John asked.

"No.  It's still hot.  Come on."

Tag made sure he had his keys in his pocket, then he and John followed Kerry over to her house.  He wanted to forget about dinner and get to what John had suggested.  As it was, dinner passed agonizingly slow for him.  All he could think about was how it be to have his wrists and ankles bound to the bed while John had his way with him.  Those thoughts kept him hard for most of the meal, and when dinner was over, he was unable to help Kerry clear the table.

"Tag's mind just isn't here tonight," Kerry commented as she and John carried plates to the kitchen.

"No.  We had been having a serious talk before you came over.  Nothing bad, just serious."

"Well, I'm glad that everything's all right with the two of you.  When Tag told me about your sub-dural hematoma, I felt so guilty.  I should have recognized the symptoms, but I had no idea you had been injured in Hawaii."

"Well, I'm fine now.  And back to my normal self.  I think Tag was afraid that my feelings for him had been a result of the hematoma."

"He's wrong.  I could have told him that."

"Well, he's been reassured," John said with a smile. 

When they returned to the table, Tag was a little more attentive to what they were saying.  But, by the time they were done with desert, he was more than ready to go home.  He practically drug John out of Kerry's house and across the yard to their house.

"In a hurry?" John laughed as he watched Tag unlock the door.

"Yes.  I've been hard all night thinking about what you want to do to me, John."

"And what if I've changed my mind?" There was a twinkle in John's eyes as he asked that.

Tag growled, "You aren't allowed to change your mind.  Come on."

He slammed the door shut, locked it, then turned to lead John upstairs.  But, John was nowhere in sight.  "You better be in our room," he muttered as he took the steps two at a time, unbuttoning his shirt as he went.  When he reached their bedroom, John was standing on the other side of the bed, the silk bindings in his hands and a smile on his face.

"Keep taking your clothes off.  I want to see all of you, John Taglieri," he ordered.

Ever so mindful of the fact that John's eyes were burning a hole through his skin, Tag quickly stripped.  He stood quietly, waiting and wondering what John would ask him, no, order him to do next.  His anticipation had him so very hard and he could see amusement in John's eyes as he noticed that.

"You're a quiet one, aren't you, John?"

Tag started, not used to having John call him by his given name.  Had he ever done so?  He really couldn't remember.  "I've been told that."

"They say the quiet ones are the most dangerous."  John wrapped the cords around his hand, eyeing Tag.  "Are you dangerous, John?"

"Very dangerous."

"I don't think I can risk leaving you free to do whatever you want.  Lay down on the bed."

Tag hesitated and John pointed to the bed.  "Now."

"On my back or stomach?" Tag asked as he put a knee upon the mattress.

"Your back."

Tag lay down in the middle of the bed, spreading his arms and legs.  That brought a slow smile from John.

"I see that you're already used to this, John.  That should make this much easier for you."

"If you say so."

"I do."  John took the first cord and secured it to Tag's right ankle, then secured the other end of the cord to the bedpost.  The process was repeated three more times.  Tag tested the bonds, seeing that they weren't too tight.  He had room to move and wouldn't be wearing any visible scars from being tied down.  Had John had experience at this after all?

"You tie things very well," Tag ventured to comment.

"Thank you.  I have a lot of experience with knots.  I like to sail."

"Really?  Been a cabin boy, have you?"

"You're not so quiet now, John, are you?  No, not quiet at all.  A little sassy even.  Maybe I need to put a gag over your mouth as well."  John stood by the bed, lazily trailing his fingertips over Tag's lower leg as he considered the idea.  Finally he nodded.  "Yes.  I think I will do that."

"Before or after you disrobe?" Tag asked, his eyes sparkling with humor.

"Before.  Most definitely before.  I plan to play with you for quite a while before I take my pleasure from you."  He walked away, and as his fingers trailed down and then off of Tag's leg, Tag sighed with remorse.  The contact had been so subtle, so incredibly erotic and he didn't want that contact to cease.

He lifted up his head to watch as John carefully selected a handkerchief, then returned to him.  "Any last words, John?"

"Can't think of any right now.  But, I'm sure I'll think of plenty in a few more minutes."

"Oh, I don't think so," John smirked.  "With what I plan to do to you, you'll be lucky to do anything more than whimper."

Tag grinned.  "That sounds promising.  Are you sure you can deliver?"

"You'll be the first to find out, won't you, John?"  And with that, John quickly secured the handkerchief over Tag's mouth.  Once more, Tag found himself amazed that it was not too tight or confining.  He was beginning to think that the entire night was going to be full of surprises regarding his husband.  At least, he hoped so anyway.

The mattress dipped down below Tag's back as John sat on the edge of the bed.  He placed his hand on Tag's belly, splaying his fingers, then bringing them close together again as he considered his next move.  He hoped he didn't look as scared on the outside as he felt on the inside.  He had no idea what to do.  He had plenty ideas about what he would like, but wasn't sure if he could actually get away with doing them.  Then it occurred to him that with Tag being tied up and gagged, there wasn't any way for him to tell him no.  As much as that thought excited him, it also made him worry.  What if something he did was painful to Tag?  How would he know?  No, that wasn't something he could risk.  He leaned forward, reaching to untie the gag, but Tag slowly shook his head.

"Are you sure?"

Tag quickly nodded.  He had seen the indecision creep into John's eyes and knew that he was going to take the gag from his mouth.  Maybe even untie him.  He didn't want that.  He wanted John to have total control of this evening.  Knew that he needed it.  He wasn't sure if John knew that though.  But, right now, it was enough that he knew it.

"But, what if I hurt you?"

Tag shook his head.  He knew that John wouldn't hurt him, not even by accident.  He just didn't have it in him.  He was always conscious of his actions -- at least in bed.  Tag smiled around the gag at that thought and was rewarded with a smile from John.

"Okay then."  John was still leaned over, so it was easy enough for him to just lean a bit to the side and begin to lick at Tag's skin.

Tag closed his eyes as he felt that silky tongue work it's way up and down his side, then over to his nipple.  Unable to gasp, he groaned when John's lips tightened around it, kneading it for a bit before sucking as much of it as he could up into his mouth.  His teeth softly scraped it and he slowly pulled up and away, keeping his lips tightly around it as he did so.  It finally was released with a loud pop and then John turned his attention to the other nipple.  Tag mused that it was good to have two nipples.  So very good indeed, because the sensations could be repeated endlessly between the two of them.  First one and then the other.  Then back to the first one again.  John played him relentlessly and Tag loved it.

When John's tongue slid over his belly and dipped into his belly button, Tag felt himself tense.  He knew that John would be going for his penis.  Just knew it.  A strangled cry from within his mouth brought a smile to John's lips as he lapped the skin on Tag's hip, then licked his way down Tag's thigh.  He knew what Tag was expecting, and he was determined to make him wait for it.  He briefly considered removing the gag long enough to see if Tag would beg for it, but he quickly discarded that notion.  He had told Tag that he would toy with him, then take his pleasure from him and he would.  He already knew how things would end -- it would end with him impaling himself upon Tag's extremely hard penis.  God, there was so much liquid there now that John could almost think that Tag was slowly coming.  But, he wasn't.

He liked the way Tag tasted and he couldn't keep from moving back in that direction just to take a lap or two from his fountain.  He was careful to make sure that his tongue touched nothing but the very tip of Tag's penis, even though Tag did his best to push his penis further into his mouth.  John swirled his tongue around the tip, then got up off the bed, Tag's noisy protestations echoing in the quiet bedroom.

But, John was on a mission now.  He had remembered how skillfully Tag had played upon his body that first real day in Hawaii.  The way he had introduced him to the vibrator and other toys.  Tag also enjoyed those toys -- and even non-toys.  John frowned as he thought about how much Tag had enjoyed being on the receiving end of a beer bottle.  So had Doug Ross.  There was no way that John could ever approach Tag with one now.  There were too many bad memories associated with it for him to ever enjoy that again, even if Tag didn't know that he had done that to Doug.  He knew and that was enough.

Digging through Tag's top drawer, John quickly found the items he wanted.  A string of beds, each of equal diameter.  Six of them in all.  Bright red ones.  And a slender vibrator.  And a lot of lubricant.  He turned around and saw that Tag had lifted his head off of the pillow, watching him.  His eyes dark with desire and need.  John watched as Tag's mind registered what he held in his hands and he noted how Tag's penis twitched and his body twisted within his bonds.  Leaning back against the dresser, John simply looked at Tag for a minute or two.  His body was incredible, he thought.  Sharply defined muscles, dark hair coating his chest.  Dark hair lightly dusting the area directly below his belly button, then thickening as it grew lower until it seemed to be the support for that strong and yet so pliable penis.  Tag didn't stick straight out when hard.  His erection tended to hug his body, pointing up.  Unless Tag made it move.  Unless he told Tag to make it move.

"Lift you penis for me," he ordered.

Tag kept his eyes upon John as he did as ordered.  It took a lot of concentration to be able to do that, but the look in John's eyes as he watched was well worth it.  Damn him, anyway.  When was "he" going to take his clothes off?  He wanted to let his eyes feast upon John's body the same way that John's were feasting upon his.  Wanted to see the physical proof of John's desire for him, although the bulge in his pants told him plenty about the state of that arousal.  But he wanted to see him.

John walked back to the bed, depositing the items in the open area between Tag's legs, then taking the pillow from under Tag's head and sliding it under Tag's back.  "Lift up for me.  Not your penis again.  Your body."  John laughed as he positioned the pillow under Tag's buttocks, lifting them off of the bed and giving himself much better access to his anal region.

"Time to play, John," he taunted as he stood once more and began to strip.  He could feel Tag's eyes upon him. Hungry eyes.  So very hungry.  He knew that Tag wanted to see all of him, so he perversely took his time as he removed each piece of clothing.  Inflaming that hunger that burned inside of Tag.  Inflaming the hunger that burned inside of himself as well.

When he was done, he stood by the side of the bed, smiling as he watched Tag's wrists strain against his bonds.  As his fingers flexed.

"You want to touch me, don't you, John?" he asked.

Tag nodded, a whimper deep in his throat.

"In time, John.  In time."

As he climbed onto the bed and knelt between Tag's outstretched legs, John made sure that he didn't allow his skin to come close to Tag's.  He had not realized the wide variety of noises that Tag was capable of making while gagged, but he was certainly appreciating them now.  And as he toyed with him, he was impressed by the way that Tag increased that range of noises.  Everything from whimpers to moans to growls as John pleasured him.  Tag's body writhed and twitched, shuddered and quivered, all at the same time.  Many times, John had to hold back with what he was doing because Tag would near orgasm.  When Tag came, it would be inside of him and not at any other time, John vowed.  He knew he had to keep his hands away from Tag's penis -- knew he would push him over the edge if he stroked him.  But, he did have to apply the lubricant, and he did so as quickly as he could, then waited for a minute or two before touching him anywhere else on his body.  Then, without warning, he straddled Tag's hips, reached down and held Tag's penis upright, then impaled himself with one long downward motion. 

Before Tag's brain or body could even comprehend what was going on, he was all the way inside of John.  And the cruel man had left the vibrator in place, so that he would be driven crazy in more than one area of his body.  Determined to get back at John in some way, Tag began to flex his penis, liking the way that the look on John's face went from one of triumph to one of pleasure.  Feeling giddy at his small revenge, Tag chuckled.  But, his chuckle soon became another moan as John began to move upon him, tightening his sphincter muscles as he moved up and down on his penis.  Dear God, this was going to kill him.  Tag knew it as sure as he knew that his own name was John Taglieri.  He had been so hard for so long that this orgasm would kill him.  It had to.  There was no other option.  Heat built up within his body, a heat that raced from his groin in all directions -- down to his toes, out to his ribs, up to his face.  A searing heat that just kept building until Tag knew he would burn up right where he lay.  An Elvis Presley song swept into his brain then and he whimpered.  The songwriter had been so right.  So very right.  He would burn a hole right where he lay.  And take John with him.  How else could he face eternity unless he had John with him?  He thrust madly into John, his body rising off of the sheets, determined to bring the end about as quickly as he could.  Burn them both up with his passion.  And John met those mad thrusts, slammed down upon his penis time and time again.  It was getting so hot -- almost too hot to breathe.  A scream built in the back of Tag's throat as his orgasm exploded, sending him into another world and surely rendering his soul from this one.  And yet, as his body slowly, so very slowly, returned to normal, he opened his eyes and looked up into John's laughing face.  Damn him, he was still alive, but the lethargy which had consumed Tag's limbs told him that he had died and gone to Heaven.

John reached down and released the gag, then captured Tag's mouth with his own, his tongue demanding, insistent.  Tag greedily sucked on that tongue, hoping John would soon put something bigger in his mouth.  Wanting to make John come the way he just had.  Needing to do that.  As if he could read his mind, John slowly lay his body against Tag, making sure that his penis rubbed against Tag's body.  Made sure that Tag knew he was hard for him.  Another shifting of position and he then had Tag's mouth before his penis.  But, Tag had other ideas and John found himself having to grab the top of the headboard as Tag's tongue assailed his body, toying with him, tasting him, then finally sucking his balls into his mouth. 

John moaned, but didn't move back.  He let Tag continue with what he was doing.  And then Tag's tongue was on his penis, following the shaft to the head, then engulfing it with his hot mouth.  John lowered a hand to cradle Tag's head so his neck wouldn't become strained with the effort of sucking on him.

But, truth be told, Tag would never have noticed any discomfort.  His mind and mouth were concentrating on one thing and one thing only -- making John come.  He worked his lips and tongue over John's penis, sucking as hungrily as a babe would suckle its mother's breast.  And in his opinion, the liquid he was suckling for was just as fulfilling as mother's milk.  Even better.

He felt John's body tense above him, heard him cry out, then felt that hot liquid spurt into his mouth over and over again.  He knew that deep inside of John, the muscles that made his semen spurt out would be tightening and that if he were inside of John still, he would feel that. 

Sated, John rolled his body off of Tag's and he lay beside him on the bed, leaving one hand on Tag's body.  This was usually the time when Tag would cuddle him and tell him how much he loved him.  Eyes closed, John waited to hear that, but it didn't happen.  Turning his head, he looked into Tag's eyes.

"You okay?" he asked.

Tag nodded.  "I'm wonderful.  That was just fucking fantastic, John."

John grinned.  "I had a good time."

"I think it's safe to untie me now.  I'm still weak from that orgasm."

"Okay."  John released Tag's ankles first, then his hands.  He had just dropped the last cord to the floor when he felt Tag grab him around the waist and pull him down to the mattress, pinning his legs down with a strong thigh.

"You don't seem weak to me," John laughed.

Tag chuckled in his ear, "I had some energy drink and it perked me right up."

"I see."

"No.  You don't see it yet.  But, you will.  Turn about is fair play, my husband.  I intend to do all in my power to make you come the way you just made me come."

"And what if that doesn't happen tonight?" John asked.

"I figure we have eternity to keep trying," Tag nuzzled John's neck.  "God, how I love you."

"I love you, too."

Then John pulled his body away from Tag's and rolled onto his back, opening his legs for him.  "Do your best, husband."

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