"Tag, You're It, Part 1"
By:  Melissa and Cathy

John Taglieri awoke with the realization that his head was killing him.  He knew that any movement would make it explode.  He was almost tempted to move, feeling that dying would be preferable to the pain.  He stared at the ceiling, gradually realizing that this was not his bedroom.  With that realization the cobwebs that were in his brain began to clear away.  He could hear a shower being run in the bathroom, and he suddenly remembered who it was that was in the bathroom.  Carter.  Peter Benton's medical student.  Well, former medical student.  Nice guy.  Cute ass.

Tag moaned as he remembered the events of the previous day.  At least he hoped it had only been the previous day.  He had felt apprehensive as he dressed for his wedding to Carol Hathaway, a woman he loved more than life itself.  But, there were all these doubts in his head.  None of which had to do with her suicide attempt.  All of them had to do with Doug Ross.  When Carol had admitted to him that she had slept with Doug Ross while they were dating, he had exploded, but his love for Carol had kept him from breaking up with her.  If anything, her admission had made him even more determined to marry her.  So, why, on the morning of their wedding, was he doubting everything?

At the church, he had questioned Carol's love.  He had told her that he didn't feel as if she loved him in the same way he loved her.  He couldn't marry her if she didn't feel the same way.  Then he had left her.  Walked right out of there, leaving her, the guests and his family behind.  He had known that his family would return to his place the minute they heard the wedding was canceled, so he had gone to the hospital to change clothes, grateful that his suitcase was in the trunk of his car, packed and ready to go on a two week honeymoon to Hawaii and Paris.  He was putting his suitcase back into the trunk of his car when Carter approached him.

"Dr. Taglieri?  Shouldn't you be at the church now?  Getting married?"

"There wasn't a wedding, Carter.  I called the whole thing off."

The young man looked puzzled, "Why?  Carol Hathaway is a wonderful woman."

Tag smiled sadly, "Yeah.  A wonderful woman who isn't in love with me.  Oh, she loves me all right.  She just isn't in love with me.  Not the way I want her to be."

"I'm sorry."  Carter paused for a moment, shifting the box he was holding in the crook of his left arm to his right arm.  "Would you like to go out for a beer or something?  You know, take your mind off of things?"

Tag found himself nodding, "Yeah.  That wouldn't be a bad idea.  I have to drop off my tux first.  As a matter of fact, I know about a great bar that's not far from the rental shop.  Get in and I'll drive."  Tag grabbed the box from Carter and plopped it into the trunk, then slammed the lid down.  They got into the car and Tag drove away, glad to have something to do besides feeling sorry for himself.

In less than thirty minutes, they were seated on stools in the bar, talking about how Carter's surgical rotation had gone.  Carter had told him about how he lost the trauma sub-I and then missed getting the surgical sub-I, only to discover that morning that the surgical sub-I could be his after all.

"Man, I was so relieved about that.  I really had no idea what I was going to do.  My parents really want me to go into cardiology."

"And what do you want, Carter?" Tag finished his drink and motioned for the bartender to bring him another.  He was beginning to think that Carter had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, and the temptation to lean over and kiss that mouth was almost too much to bear.

"I guess I want that, too.  What about you?  What are you going to do now?"

"Well, I have the next two weeks off.  It was supposed to be my honeymoon.  I guess I'll have to see if the travel agency will give me a refund."

"Why not go anyway?  No one expects you to be at work, so why not go and see the sites, enjoy the women, get laid."

Tag laughed, "You know, that might not be a bad idea.  I think I will still go.  You can bet that the wedding guests didn't hesitate to take advantage of the reception food."

"So, where are you going?"

"Hawaii and Paris.  One week in each place.  The Hawaii deal is very sweet indeed.  Our own bungalow and private beach at a resort on the Big Island.  Very secluded and romantic."

"Hawaii's nice, but I never made it to the Big Island."

"Where were you then?"

"Maui and Molokai mostly.  And of course Oahu.  I think everyone who goes to Hawaii goes to Honolulu."

"Our plane flies directly to a town on the island of Hawaii.  Why were you there?  Family vacation?"

"Something like that.  My Dad likes to golf and he found some courses there that he likes.  He and Mom golfed, my sister shopped and laid out on the beaches and I surfed and sailed."

"You sail?"  Tag was taken aback.  He had not really pictured Carter as the athletic type, but the image of him in a brief bathing suit easily sprang to mind and a wicked idea began to take shape in his alcohol sodden brain.

"As often as I can manage, which won't be much for the next couple of years.  I even helped man a yacht on one leg of a race once."

"So, do you know anything about Paris?"

"Oui."  Carter smiled.

"Hell, you should come along and be my tour guide.  I'll bet you know all the best places to get laid.  How about it?  Are you doing anything worthwhile for the next two weeks?"

Carter shook his head, "Not a thing.  I have to do a pedes rotation at Children's Hospital, but that doesn't start until the end of June."

Maybe if he had not already been drunk, Tag might have been concerned about the bright look in Carter's eyes as he quickly agreed to go with him.  Maybe it would have alerted him that Carter was not the virgin he expected.  They had left the bar, Carter taking over the driving duties as they went to Carter's apartment.  Carter quickly packed a suitcase, grabbed his passport and then drove them to the airport.  Tag could vividly remember sitting in the First Class section, guzzling another drink while Illinois, Chicago and Carol disappeared behind him.  That was the last thing he remembered.  Somehow or another, Carter had gotten him off of the plane and to a hotel of some sort.  Hopefully, it was the resort.

The door to the bathroom opened and Tag realized with a start that he had been so deep in thought that he had not heard the water stop.  Carter stepped into the room, completely nude, and he smiled when he saw that Tag was awake.

"How are you feeling?"

"Awful.  I hate hangovers.  You seem cheerful."  Tag couldn't keep his eyes off of Carter and he realized then that Carter wasn't self conscious at all about standing there naked in front of him.  Even seemed to like the way that Tag was looking at him.

"Shouldn't I be?  It's a gorgeous day outside."  Carter sat on the side of the bed, then leaned over and quickly kissed Tag on the mouth.  "I know that last night wasn't probably the best time you've ever had, but I'll make it up to you, Tag."

Tag didn't care then if he looked as shocked as he felt.  Carter had not only kissed him but had implied that they had engaged in sex last night.  That was when Tag realized that under the covers, he was naked.  He ran a mental check list of his physical condition, finding that he didn't feel sore in any place that he shouldn't and determining that if anything like that happened, he had not been on the receiving end.  At least he hoped he hadn't been on the receiving end.  It was not his preferred position.  If Carter was able to talk about last night so matter of factly, then he must not be inexperienced.  Rather than feel disappointed at that realization, Tag found the idea exciting.  Maybe Carter would be the perfect prescription to help him forget about Carol and her wayward heart.

John had seen the odd look on Tag's face and knew that he had made a mistake last night.  Had made a mistake in thinking that Tag's invitation to join him had been a sexual invitation.  He stood and walked over to where his suitcase lay open on the couch, looking for something to wear.

"The desk clerk was nice enough to let me check us in yesterday."  John didn't trust himself to look at Tag while he was talking to him, so he kept his eyes focused on his suitcase.  He also didn't see the need to tell Tag that the only reason the desk clerk let him check in was because they were able to cancel Tag's reservation, then make a new one in John's name, with his credit card used for payment.  Tag would most likely not find out about it until his travel agency sent him a refund.  At least that's what John hoped.  He wasn't sure if Tag would be too thrilled that he had paid for the week, especially since it was obviously a mistake for him to have come along in the first place.  "I'll see if I can get a flight back to Chicago today."


The closeness of Tag's voice made John jump and he was totally unprepared when two strong arms turned him around and he was face to face with a very naked and aroused man.

"I thought that maybe you had changed your mind about wanting me here with you."

"Carter, I - damn, you do have a first name, don't you?"

John nodded.

"What is it?"


Tag grinned, "John?  It figures, you do know that my name is John, don't you?"

"I know.  I know a lot about you, Tag."

Tag nodded at that, feeling a thrill that he meant that much to the man.  He then continued, "John, when I asked you to join me, I knew exactly what I was doing.  I may have been drunk, but I knew that I desired your body.  It wasn't the first time I had thought you were attractive, but since I was engaged to Carol, I had no intention of ever approaching you.  I'm just a little bit ticked off that I was so drunk last night that I don't remember anything."

"It did happen.  I'm not making that part up."  John hoped he didn't sound as anxious as he felt.

"I didn't think that you were.  I'm not drunk now and I'd like to do something that I can remember.  Do you have a problem with an encore performance?"

"I would prefer that it be a totally different performance."  John reached out and grabbed Tag's shoulders, pulling him close, letting their chests touch first, then the rest of their bodies.  He began to lightly place kisses along Tag's neck and face until he reached Tag's lips.  He kissed him passionately, parting his lips slightly, confident that Tag knew how to kiss.  He was not disappointed when Tag's tongue entered, exploring and probing his mouth.  He was definitely not disappointed when Tag's hands cupped his backside and pulled him even closer.  He could feel Tag's erection pressing against his own and he wanted so much more than that.

Tag broke off the kiss, "Is this better?" he whispered into John's ear moments before he hungrily sucked John's earlobe.

"God, yes."

Tag pulled back and looked John straight in the eyes, "I think we should get on the bed."

"What about your headache?"

"My other head has taken precedence over the one with the hang-over.  I want you so bad that it hurts, John.  Get on the bed now."

John immediately obeyed, not sure what was going to happen next with Tag.  Last night had been very quick and simple.  Tag had not objected when John had undressed him, caressing him into arousal, then performing oral sex on him, stopping while he was still hard, then letting Tag enter him.  After that, Tag had passed out and John was forced to use his own hand to bring himself to orgasm.  Tag had been prepared for sex, that was for sure, because he had lubricant, massage oils, and some sex toys packed away in his suitcase.  The tube of lubricant was on the nightstand and John wondered if Tag had noticed that it was there.  He looked up to see if Tag was going to join him on the bed anytime soon. 

"I'll be right back."  Tag said, a green tinge to his face as he headed for the bathroom.  John immediately heard the sound of Tag retching into the toilet and he went into the bathroom to tend to him.  He held Tag's head while Tag emptied his stomach, then gently bathed his face and led him back to bed.

"You need some more sleep," he said as he tucked the covers around Tag's body.

"I need someone to hold.  I sleep much better when I have someone to hold onto," Tag said, a pout to his voice.

"Okay, you've twisted my arm."  John got in on the other side of the bed and Tag immediately cuddled up against him, draping an arm over his chest and a leg over his thighs, then burrowing his face into the hollow where John's head and shoulders met.  Within minutes Tag was asleep.

John listened to Tag's gentle breathing and wondered again how it was that he had let himself get to this place.  Maybe the drinks had gone to his head, but he didn't think he had drunk too much in the bar.  Certainly not as much as Tag had.  It wasn't like him to just impulsively run off with someone he barely knew, but when Tag asked him, he just couldn't say no.  The man looked so forlorn.  Everyone knew how much he loved Carol Hathaway and John knew that it had taken a lot out of Tag to call the wedding off.  The man had obviously wanted John and he had often wondered what it would be like to be with John Taglieri.  He was eager to find out.  He grinned as he realized that last night really didn't count, since Tag had been so plastered.  So he still didn't know what it was like to be with Tag.  At this rate, he would return to Chicago in two weeks and still not know.

A light knocking on the door awoke Tag from his slumber.  He looked around the room and noticed he was alone.  Where had John gotten himself off to this time?  Tag pulled on a bathrobe and loosely tied the belt before he opened the door.  It was room service with lunch.  And coffee.  Lots of coffee.  There was even a bottle of pain reliever - maximum strength.  Tag gave the bellboy a tip, then locked the door and poured himself a cup of coffee.  It was almost too hot to drink, but he managed it anyway.  The liquid awoke his stomach and he began to remove the lids from the plates, wondering what John had ordered.  That reminded him that he still didn't know where John had gone.  With a frown, Tag checked the bathroom - not there.  But, Tag did take the opportunity to brush his teeth, just in case John was in a kissing mood when he found him.

That left outside, so Tag walked out onto the patio, letting his eyes scan the beach that stretched out before him.  He easily spotted a towel and a bottle of sunscreen, and he walked out to them, but there was no sign of John.  Then he spotted someone swimming and he smiled as he watched John emerge from the water, water dripping from his body.  John had obviously believed Tag when he said it was a private beach because he wasn't wearing anything.  Tag idly wondered why John bothered to pack any clothing at all - it didn't appear as if he was planning to wear any of it.  But, he certainly wasn't going to complain about it either.  He rather liked looking at John's body.  He picked up the towel, then intercepted John.

"Lunch is here," he said as he began to pat John's body with the towel, and not necessarily in an attempt to dry him.

"Good.  I'm starving."

"Me, too.  But, I'm still hungry for something other than food.  I promise that I won't get sick this time."  Tag grinned and John grinned back as he allowed him to dry his body.

"I'm willing to risk it."

"Good.  I did tell you that this beach was private, didn't I?"

"You most certainly did."

"Good," Tag murmured as he dropped the towel to the black sand and took John into his arms, nuzzling his neck and letting his hands roam freely over his body.  Within seconds, Tag's robe joined the towel and they descended upon it, skin still touching skin.

"Oh, Hell.  The lube is back in the room," Tag began to sit up but John stopped him.

"We can use the sunscreen."

"Are you sure about that?  That it won't hurt you?"

"I've used it before.  It's okay," John assured him, pulling him back down to the ground.  He kissed Tag's hip, letting his tongue linger on the skin before moving to pay attention to Tag's penis.  Tag had been ready for him before he had disrobed, that much had been readily apparent to John and it thrilled him to see that he had that effect on the man.  Maybe joining Tag on this trip had not been a bad idea after all.

Tag let his head fall back into the sand as he reveled in the sensations that John was creating in his body.  It had been a long time since he had last been with a man and he had almost forgotten how good it could feel to have another man laying between his legs, worshipping his erect member.  Carol never worshipped - she simply devoured.  Feeling slightly guilty about thinking of Carol while John was doing such wonderful things to him, Tag caressed John's head and murmured his name, telling him how good that felt.  As John's tongue toyed with his penis, Tag realized that he was right with his idea that this man would help him forget about Carol.  He then decided to concentrate on the here and now, not worry about next week in Paris, or the week after when they returned to Chicago.  He wasn't even going to worry about tomorrow.  All that mattered was that if he didn't stop John Carter now, then he would have to wait even longer before he was able to take him the way he wanted.  But, he didn't stop him.  They didn't have anywhere to go anyway, and they could take all the time they wanted when it came to sex.  His fingers in John's hair as his orgasm approached and he called out the younger man's name as he came.

John laid his head on Tag's stomach, feeling the rise and fall of his breathing.  He had always enjoyed oral sex, both as the giver and receiver and he was gratified to find that Tag had enjoyed it.

"Your turn," Tag's voice was still husky as he grabbed John by the shoulders and flipped him to his back, then moved so that he could treat John to the pleasures he had just experienced.

"Won't work," John muttered as Tag positioned himself between John's legs.

"Of course it will work.  Why on earth won't it -damn, I didn't dry you off totally, did I?"  Tag laughed.  The entire front of John's body was covered with sand.

"Well, I'll just have to rinse you off then."  Without another word, Tag heaved John up over his shoulder and carried him back into the surf, wading out into the water until they both had to swim in order to stay afloat.  Tag discovered that John was the superior swimmer by the way that John would dive under the water, only to come up behind Tag to nip at his buttocks with his teeth, then swim away again.

"He's part dolphin or something," Tag muttered as he treaded water in a circle, looking for some sign of John.  Just as he was about to worry that John had been under water for too long, he saw John's lean body break through the water's surface near the shore.

John grinned back at him, a delighted expression on his face.  "Tag," he said.  "You're it."  Then he began to run out of the water toward the bungalow.

Chapter Two

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